Our Concept

The name “Tang Palace” is derived from the Tang Dynasty of ancient China. Lasting for almost 300 years from 618 A.D. to 907 A.D., Producing numerous poets, painters and scholars, Tang Dynasty was the pinnacle of economic stability, social progress and military prowess in ancient China.

Here at Tang Palace Restaurant, our mission is to provide the most authentic Chinese dining experience while emphasizing on traditional Chinese décor and hospitality. Of course we had the pleasure of taking the experience a step further to guide you to a whole new world of Chinese dining culture and history. The interior of the restaurant is themed with Terracotta Warrior statues from the Qin Necropolis that was built by the first emperor of China, numerous traditional artworks, and furniture that mimics those from the Ming Dynasty.

You will discover brief history lessons on some of your favorite dishes as you browse through our menu. Should you ever want to take a short stroll through the restaurant, you will also find yourself reading through some description plaques beneath various interesting artworks that will surely pique your interests.

At the second grand hall of the restaurant, you will find yourselves in the hands of our tea maiden in her traditional dress who serves a wide collection of Chinese tea while you wait for your meal.

At the heart of the restaurant, we have carefully selected a team of Chinese chefs, each with the skills and knowledge to deliver unparalleled authenticity. Leaving none to chance, we have tediously tailored our menus to only what our chefs make best. Every item on our menu is unaltered and representative of what you would expect in China. Our management, from food safety and hygiene procedures to front of house service and hospitality, is the only aspect in our business that has a hint of western touch.


Antai Peng - CEO

The road to founding Tang Palace Group in April 2014 was a long albeit extraordinary one. Prior to his journey to Dubai almost 23 years ago, Antai was a language professor at a University in his hometown, in Qingdao, China. With not a single dime in his pocket but a charismatic personality and an adventurous heart, he decided to leave his job and follow his wife who was, at the time, working as a doctor in Sharjah.

As a small timer merchant who has yet to leave his mark, he jumped at any opportunity that was available in the yet to flourish UAE economy. He started as a salesperson for a Hong Kong store before starting his own business selling toys and lighters on busy streets in Sharjah. He eventually opened his own toy retail store which failed a few months later. After that, he went into the trading business, and traded glass and foodstuffs – none of which were profitable to say the least. A few months later, he opened his own trading company which also closed down a year later with heavy losses. Each and every failure was detrimental only to his family’s savings but an invaluable lesson to him.

Ten wearisome years have passed and, in 2002, he was ready and eager to place his final bet and go big. He gathered all his knowledge, experiences and savings in addition to borrowing money from his friends and family, and bought an almost bankrupt medical clinic – Chinese Castle Medical Center. It was the first and largest Chinese medical clinic in Dubai, and just a year later, he not only paid off all his debts but also saved just as much in profits. This marked his turning point in life, and he soon branched out to real estate, leather import and export, and event organizing. During these years, he became the VP of the Shandong Business Council in Dubai, the vice chairman of the World League of Fighting (One of the largest boxing and MMA championship in the world) after hosting a major WLF Tournament for the first time in Dubai and the MENA region, and a member of CEO Clubs Networks.

As his accomplishments and stature rose, so did his desire for some truly authentic Chinese food. Ones that he often missed in his long years away from his home in China. Browsing through restaurants in the UAE, his disappointment was only intensified by the quality, service and taste of these self-proclaimed authentic Chinese cuisines. He longed the feeling of home and belonging when he entered a Chinese restaurant, until finally, he gave up searching altogether and decided to open an authentic Chinese restaurant worthy of its name himself. With even greater dreams in mind, he has set out to establish the Tang Palace brand throughout the UAE, and eventually, the entire MENA region to provide a sense of home and belonging to those who have wandered just a little too far from home.